HOW TO DIVORCE A CURSE (English Edition) por Linda D. Lee

HOW TO DIVORCE A CURSE (English Edition) por Linda D. Lee

Titulo del libro: HOW TO DIVORCE A CURSE (English Edition)

Autor: Linda D. Lee

Número de páginas: 188 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 7, 2017

Editor: Covered Ministries LLC

Linda D. Lee con HOW TO DIVORCE A CURSE (English Edition)

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Mentally, we have a nation of people still bound by problems, circumstances, residue and generational secrets. This book was specifically written in response to their outcry. Within these pages you will discover a survival guide to identifying hindrances in your life. Are you ready to divorce them? It is time to get to the “root” of what has been sabotaging your destiny, business and relationships. Linda experienced this first hand, in peeling back the layers of her traumatic “snake story”. It was riddled with proclivities and triggers tied to her marriage. She learned how to divorce traumatic hindrances in her mind, heart and soul in order to move forward. Although her “snake story” is intensely transparent, it will guide you to your breakthrough and shift your mindset back to building healthy relationships. 

• Survival Guide to identifying triggers and root causes  
• 8 Stages to Healing and Deliverance 
• Releasing the Gift of Forgiveness in Your Heart 
• Relationship Wisdom: Celibacy and Accountability Partners 
• Identifying proclivities and triggers 
• How to be Comfortable in Your Singleness 

Three-time African Oscar Winner, Nine-time Bestselling Author, Founder of International Diaspora TV Network, Life Strategist and Your Vision Midwife.  
“Women are no longer isolated, living in bondage; we are free traveling the world and becoming world leaders. Linda is a powerhouse who has worked hard to overcome, advertise, and rise above road blocks that get in her way.”  
- Wendy Wiley Alexander, 
Cross-cultural Consultant, International Trainer, and Business Strategist 
About the Author 

Linda D. Lee is a Freedom Writer. She writes/teaches/speaks on freedom from mental bondage of slavery. She serves as the CEO/Founder of Structured Discipline and Covered Ministries, LLC®, a mobile healing and deliverance ministry serving as activist for HIV/AIDS, purity, and abstinence. She is the facilitator of Back 2 Basic “Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman” Workshop. Linda serves as a life coach, inspirational speaker and mentor to those desiring a shift in their mindset. She is sought-after to speak on niche subjects involving freedom and social injustices.  
How To Divorce A Curse is a masterpiece! It is the inheritance Linda desires to leave you and the next generation. More so, after you apply the material in this book and identify your own triggers and root causes, your life will never be the same.  
It is time to get back to establishing healthy relationships in life, business and career to heal the land.